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Discover the GTK Tokens

A GTK or Green Token is an ERC-20 token that accounts for the quantity of CO2 avoided in the atmosphere through environmentally friendly actions such as renewable energy consumption, avoiding food waste, capturing CO2 from the atmosphere, electromobility and other actions.

A GTK can only be used once by companies or individuals to reduce their carbon footprint on the blockchain, by claiming a Green Certificate of Sustainability on the RED platform.

1 GTK is the equivalent of 1 kg of CO2 avoided in the atmosphere (or any other greenhouse gases such as CH4).

The Utility of the GTK Tokens

GTK tokens can be used to offset your own carbon footprint or they can be sold to companies or individuals that wish to offset their CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Anyone can request a Green Certificate of Sustainability on the RED platform and their action will also be registered on the blockchain.

The Value of the GTK Tokens

The value of a GTK token is given by request and offer on RED Exchange.

The GTK Claim Process

GTK tokens can be claimed directly through the RED app based on the user’s electricity invoice. The automated process will tell you exactly how many tokens you can claim and it will guide you step by step towards obtaining them.

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Blockchain and Sustainability

The RED platform is the first tokenized CO2 offset system on the market. The GTK tokens are one of the main structures of this innovative system, and blockchain technology offers transparency and rapidity in offsetting the carbon footprint of companies and individuals.

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