Did you buy a RED franchise?

Congratulations! You are one step away from becoming a RED Validator

What is a RED Validator?

A Validator is a RED franchisee who earns the right to verify and validate GTK and REO-G claims in the RED network

Who can be a validator ?

Any RED franchisee who has passed the specially designed test

For what territory can a validator operate?

For the same territory contained in the RED V-LEC franchise rights

Does the validator have to do additional staking to get the role?

No. It is enough with the staking done for the purchase of the RED franchise and passing the validator test.

What does a validator do?

The validator verifies and validates/invalidates the REO-G and GTK claims in the RED network.

What does the validator earn?

The validator earns a commission in MWAT for each validation/invalidation of a claim. The minimum commission is 1 MWAT, and the maximum is equal to the number of staked MWAT in the RED wallet.

How can I become a RED validator?


Register now on RED or download the application and in a few minutes, you will be able to become a RED Validator.


Do you need more details?

We have prepared a special page for you here with answers to the most frequently asked questions: