Are you a company

and want to reduce your carbon footprint?

You can do this by buying REO-G directly from green energy producers on the RED Platform.

and request a "Green Certificate" for free

How does it work?

As a company you can reduce your carbon footprint on the blockchain in two simple steps:

Buy REO-G or GTK from the RED Exchange

supporting renewable energy producers and consumers.

You help the environment and you can prove it

Log in on the RED Platform and claim your GTK tokens. After the validators approve your claim, you will receive 1 GTK for each 1 kg of CO2 you avoided.

You can use REO-G and GTK from your wallet to issue a Green Certificate of Sustainability that will prove on the blockchain that you are a sustainable company and will calculate the CO2 quantity avoided from the atmosphere.

What is a REO-G?

A REO-G or a GreenToken is an ERC-721 token on the public Ethereum blockchain that certifies the origin of the energy as being from renewable sources. RED agrees to 1 REO-G producers for every 1 MWh of Green Energy produced. A REO-G is valid for 12 months from the date of issue, during which time it can be used by companies to reduce their carbon footprint.

What is a GTK token?

A GTK or a Green Token is an ERC-20 token that measures the CO2 that is avoided from the atmosphere through environmentally-friendly actions, such as the consumption of renewable energy, food waste avoidance, capturing CO2 from the atmosphere, electromobility, and many more. RED offers GTK tokens to energy consumers for the percentage of consumed renewable energy. A GTK can be used only once by companies to offset their carbon footprint.

1 GTK = 1 ton of CO2 avoided from the atmosphere (or other greenhouse gas equivalent).

What is a "Green Certificate"?

A green certificate of sustainability is a way to demonstrate the degree of sustainability of companies by supporting green energy producers in a 100% transparent way on the blockchain developed by RED. Each “Green Certificate” will contain information regarding the “Company“, the “REO-G Number” and the “Amount of CO2 avoided” as well as a “Single Series” on the blockchain with the registration of the certificate that can be verified publicly on the Ethereum network.

To obtain a “Green Certificate” you must have REO-G in your wallet and use it to issue the certificate.

How much does a "Green Certificate" cost?

RED does not charge cash fees for issuing green certificates for companies. In order to cover the network costs of writing the information on the blockchain, a small payment in MWAT is required.

What can I do with a "Green Certificate"?

The digital Green Certificate will be a powerful ESG tool because a company can prove on a public blockchain that they are a sustainable entity, that consumes and supports the production of renewable energy as well as taking action to offset the release of CO2 in the atmosphere. All this is done in an easy but most important in a secure way, the blockchain being tamper-proof. Your business partners, customers, and suppliers will be delighted to work with a sustainable company and they can check this information publicly at any time.

How can I get a “Green Certificate” ?


It's very simple. Register now on RED or download the application here. And in a few minutes you will be able to have, your first REO-G.


Download the application

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