Are you a green energy producer

and you want to get digital certificates based on the blockchain technology for your energy?

and you can request REO-G digital tokens

that certify on the blockchain the origin of the green energy produced by you.

What is a REO-G ?

A REO-G or a GreenToken is an ERC-721 token on the public Ethereum blockchain that certifies the origin of energy produced from renewable sources.

Each REO-G has a unique identifier and contains the details provided in the European RES Directive (2009/28 / EC) on guarantees of origin

Manufacturers can obtain on RED 1 REO-G for every 1 MWh of Green Energy produced. REO-G is valid for 12 months after which it expires, during which time it can be used only once by companies to reduce their carbon footprint.

What can you do with a REO-G ?

Once you have received REO-G you can keep it or sell it on the RED Exchange for MWAT or Ethereum to companies or individuals who want to use it to reduce their carbon footprint.

What is the value of a REO-G ?

The value of a REO-G is the date of demand and supply on the RED Exchange.

Who need to buy REO-G ?

Companies or individuals wishing to obtain a "Green Sustainability Certificate" from RED will need to own and send a REO-G number to RED.

How can I get REO-G ?


It's very simple, register now on RED or download the application here and in a few minutes you will be able to have your first REO-G.


Download the application

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