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with the first decentralized CO2 offset system on the market
for companies and individuals

Working together to achieve Net Zero by 2050

with the first tokenized CO2 offset sustainability system on the market

Sustainability with RED – fast, transparent –

RED is taking the EU’s Net-Zero by 2050 approach a step further – working to reduce emissions to zero worldwide through an innovative system based on blockchain technology. Find your place on the RED Platform and you can benefit from custom options for reducing and offsetting your carbon footprint.

RED’s community

consists of sustainable companies and individuals, and clean energy producers. Both groups receive custom-tailored rewards for their green actions:

Sustainable companies and individuals are rewarded in Green Tokens (GTK) for their green actions, eco-friendly services, and organic products.

Renewable energy producers are rewarded in REO-G tokens for the green energy they produce.

With RED’s blockchain-based sustainability platform, companies and individuals can work together to minimize CO2 footprints and end climate change – fast, transparent, traceable.

through the launch and promotion of sustainable projects based on blockchain technology.

We will help you launch your own sustainability project on the blockchain.

Provable sustainability for companies and individuals

On RED, Everyone can clear their CO2 balance today – in a traceable way – in just 3 easy steps:

Calculate your CO2 footprint using our free calculator

Buy the equivalent amount in GTK or REO-G tokens

Exchange your tokens for Sustainability Certificates

How to obtain GTK tokens on the RED platform?

GTK tokens are minted based on your provable sustainable actions.

Choose the sustainable action that you wish to register on the RED platform.

Upload the proof for performing that action on the platform and claim your tokens.

You will receive the tokens in your RED wallet after the claim is validated.

How to use GTK tokens to offset your CO2 balance?

Sell your GTK tokens: prepare a GTK offer on the RED platform. All RED users will have access to purchase your GTK offer.

Store your GTK tokens on the platform or in your personal Ethereum wallet for future use.

Offer GTK tokens to your clients as a bonus to be redeemed through a QR code on receipts or in apps.

Burn GTK tokens in exchange for a Sustainability Certificate on the RED platform as an NFT token and offset your carbon footprint.

Calculate your carbon footprint and receive offset solutions directly in the RED app.


Provable sustainability for renewable energy producers

On the RED platform, renewable energy producers receive REO-G tokens as rewards for their energy production in the last 12 months: 

Produce clean energy

Submit proof of this green production

Receive REO-G tokens


REO-G are non-fungible tokens (NFT) complying with the ERC-721 standard and following the EU Origin Guarantees standards.

Owning 1 REO-G proves that 1 MWh of renewable energy has been produced and 750 kg of CO2 was saved from polluting the atmosphere.

1 REO-G = 1 MWh of clean energy produced

1 REO-G = 750 kg of CO2 saved

Being unique, each REO-G contains information specific to your clean energy production:

The authenticity of your claim is verified by RED Validators.

Just like GTK, REO-G can be traded on the RED Exchange and other exchanges, transferred to other users, kept in your Ethereum wallet, or burned in return for Sustainability Certificates.

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