In general, all amounts, prices and numerical values ​​displayed in the Application are previously rounded according to the following rule: rounding up to 1 the fractions above 0.5 inclusive and rounding down to 0 the fractions under 0.5.

As such, regarding the numerical values ​​of fiat money (official money, issued by the government), as well as the numerical values ​​of the fungible tokens that are useful only in the Application (GTK, REO-G etc.), the rounding is done by reduction, when the last decimal considered is less than 5, and by increasing when the last decimal considered is greater than or equal to 5.

For example, USD 1.309 shall be rounded-up to USD 1.31, and USD 1.424 shall be rounded down to USD 1.42. Similar, the value of 5.34789 GTK shall be rounded-up to 5.3479 GTK, and the value of 3.14151 GTK shall be rounded down to 3.1415 GTK.

The User hereby declares that he/she understands that in some situations rounding operations can create losses (rounding down) or profit (rounding up), even if most of the time insignificant, as well as the fact that the number of decimals can vary depending on the coin type. The User expressly accepts these rounding operations and will not hold RED liable for any loss or profit arising from such rounding operations.