2024 RED Project Update January – April weeks 1-18

As the platform and the different projects within it advance and grow, we would like to share with you the highlights of what we have been working on, which has been the direct result of the developments and where we are heading this year.

On the business development side, we are eager to share information about our team growth and new opportunities for franchisees.

RED Platform

Detailed Features Development


Public Carbon Footprint Calculator

As you already know, the newest addition to the RED Platform website was the Public Carbon Footprint Calculator, which will give more visibility to the features available inside the platform for new users and partners. Now all website visitors can calculate their carbon footprint. The NFT with the carbon offset certificate can be redeemed on the RED Platform by any user who offsets their carbon footprint and creates an account on the RED Platform.  If you have missed the announcement, you can read it here.

Messaging System

A new communication system has been developed on the RED Platform. This feature will be used throughout the application for different products and customer care actions to communicate faster and more directly and stay closer to platform users.

Renewable Energy

In the last months, the focus has been on developing the renewable energy part of the business. Together with Restart Energy, we have developed new business opportunities for both RED and Restart Energy collaborators.

This new structure will also support franchises in developing new income streams in the future and have more opportunities on the platform. Existing functionalities and the new ones being implemented are almost entirely linked to franchise ownership and development.

RED Carbon Standard Website

The website will be available for the public in May, with the certification of the first sustainable project with the RED Carbon Standard. More information about the new trajectory of the RED Carbon Standard will be shared in a separate article, where you can discover more about how to get involved, how to develop a business with the RED Sustainability Franchise and to be a part of the novel project that is represented by the standard.

RED Carbon Standard Registry

The RED Carbon Standard aims to align with international standards and requirements by shaping its form, processes, and procedures. To comply with these requirements we have begun an update process on the Registry system inside the RED platform to encompass the changes needed in the certification process, credit issuance, and traceability.

Legal Analysis and Implementation

MiCA regulation is bound to become one of the most important topics around platforms using blockchain technology. RED Platform is actively analyzing the changes to be implemented and the procedures to receive the required certification to grow and develop further inside the application without restrictions.

The use of BTC / ETH inside the platform is also under this analysis as we aim to have the necessary accreditation to offer these services inside the platform for our clients.


MWAT is at the platform’s core and is planned to be a part of the newly developed features. As we advance in the legal requirements implementation that involves MiCA we will share with you more information about the new growth strategies and structures for MWAT usage and flows.


The Restart Energy and RED Team has grown with one new colleague at the beginning of this year. Let us welcome Irina Tudose, our new Group Marketing and Communication Director! We thank her for her dedication and interest in the project and wish her the best alongside the team!

Q2 Planning

Business Development

Q2 will bring some exceptional business development news that will help you see new types of businesses being built, new partnerships developed, and new opportunities for franchisees. The details will be shared in future articles in the following months.

Features Development

Related to the new partnerships being forged, we will have new and innovative features being brought to the platform that will serve users to get involved in the processes, develop new income streams, and make a difference through blockchain technology.

In addition to the new projects, we will also be working on the features related to Renewable Energy developments, especially structured for onboarding new franchisees and business owners who desire to enhance their businesses.


We know this is a long-awaited topic. As you have seen in this update, we are in the midst of a thorough analysis process to align all the structures, features, and tokens to the new MiCA regulation. Due to this process, the final structure and functionality of the blockchain-related features may change to accommodate the new requirements.

Nonetheless, we plan for the Whitepaper to be released at the end of Q2 or Q3, but more will be announced as we approach the target date.

Thank you again for your support and interest in the RED Platform Project!

We want the information in the update to be helpful to you and we will keep you posted with all the news that will follow, so please let us know what you think here!

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