RED Platform Tokens

Building upon the need for a holistic impact, the RED Platform and the Zalmoxis blockchain form a live
ecosystem, home to a growing number of tokens and sustainable projects.
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Find below the tokens currently available on the platform and their specifications

Token Type ERC 20 ERC 20 ERC 721
Creation Fixed capitalization 500 million Minting Minting
Max. supply 500 Million NO NO
Circulating supply 80% 100% 100%
Token model Deflationary Deflationary Deflationary
Utility Platform fees, transactions, and project proprietary token Trading, Carbon Certificates, Carbon Offsetting Trading, Carbon Offsetting
Markets RED Exchange RED Exchange RED Exchange
Claim options No 1 GTK is the equivalent of 1T of CO2 offset from the atmosphere. 1 REO-G for 1 MWh of produced renewable energy.
Burning mechanism No Carbon Offsetting Carbon Offsetting
Staking Yes! Staking is implemented for holding purposes and for owning a RED Franchise. No No
Contract address
Carbon Avoidance Calculation Methodology Fixed capitalization 500 million Minting Minting
MWAT (MegaWatt) is RED's proprietary token issued using blockchain technology. On the RED Platform, staking, transactions, franchise fees, and other fees are all based on MWAT. MWAT tokens can be paired with any other token on the platform for trading purposes. GTK or Green Token is an ERC-20 token that measures the CO2 avoided from the atmosphere through environmentally friendly actions, such as renewable energy consumption, avoiding food waste, capturing CO2 from the atmosphere, electromobility, and many others. RED offers GTK tokens to energy consumers based on the percentage of consumed renewable energy. A GTK can only be used once by companies to offset their carbon footprint. REO-G is an ERC-721 NFT token that represents a tokenized Guarantee of Origin. An REO-G can be claimed based on renewable energy production.

You too can launch sustainable projects using our already existing tokens or launch your own NFT or ERC-20 tokens on the RED Platform.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of an innovative Blockchain Sustainability System?

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