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Welcome to the future

of clean energy with RED Platform's groundbreaking Solar NFTs.

We’re dedicated to innovation and making a positive impact, and we’ve completely changed the way we interact with renewable energy. Find out how you can join us on this exciting journey of transformation based on 3 main pillars:

Fully reliable system

secure contracting

Increased resistance

extended life guarantee solar PV modules

Blockchain technology innovation

transparency, fast transactions and reliability

Why Solar NFTs?

Solar NFT is an exclusive RED Platform product that encompasses a revolutionary system designed to bring together parties interested in joining renewable energy development through a unique solution, based on blockchain technology, innovation and high-quality products.
Passion for sustainability

How do Solar NFTs work?

Here at RED Platform, we believe that technology and community can create a real change. Our Solar NFTs provide a simple way to transform your passion for sustainability into impactful actions using technology. Through these special tokens, you’re not just an observer, you’re an engaged contributor in molding a more environmentally friendly future through a beneficial interchange on our blockchain-based platform:

Purchase solar PV modules

Purchase solar PV modules and you will receive the equivalent Solar PV Module NFTs in your wallet as a digital representation, along with the physical contract and documentation.

Assign them to a Solar NFT project available on the marketplace.

Buy high-quality Restart Energy PV Modules, each module being digitally
represented by a unique NFT token on the Zalmoxis Blockchain.
  1. Review and sign your contract.
  2. Payment of BOS cost (Balance of System - includes inverters, cables and installation price).
  3. Issuance of Solar NFT Project in your wallet as a digital representation of the assignation in the project.
In addition, you also have these options:
  • Keep the solar modules stored until you find the perfect project match on RED Platform.
  • Request physical delivery of the solar modules  and use them in your own projects.
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Reap the benefits during the lifespan of the project.

Sell your Solar Project NFTs on the platform to other interested users.

See how it works

Join a growing, sustainable market

Now you can make a difference without the photovoltaic system installation process management and enjoy the benefits through Solar NFTs as tokens of your commitment to sustainability, ushering in a cleaner, greener future for generations to come.

Access to a Global Marketplace:

Step into a realm of risk-free, thoroughly vetted solar projects providing attractive returns with a positive impact on the environment.

Flexibility Redefined:

With fractional Solar NFTs, you are granted the freedom to choose and manage the size of your virtual solar power plant.

NFTs Unleash Potential:

NFTs give you access to attractive benefits or the physical power delivered to your consumption places by RED Energy Suppliers.

Thriving Market Dynamics:

Immerse yourself in a dynamic market offering fluidity in selling and trading Solar NFTs.
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Are you a Solar Project Developer?

Discover exciting possibilities as a Project Developer with Solar NFTs by using our platform to raise funds for your renewable energy projects. Easily incorporate your projects into the RED Platform, reaching a worldwide audience that cares about sustainability, innovation, and making a positive difference.

See your benefits:

One-stop-shop approach. Access an integrated hub for every aspect of solar projects – from financing to development and construction.
Enjoy easy registration and quick project assessments. Say goodbye to delays and dive straight into progress.
Access to approved service providers from the RED Platform for solar project engineering, development and construction.
Use advanced solar power simulation software providing realistic P50/P90 energy yield reports and financial projections.
Collaborate with licensed PPA providers from the RED Platform to make your project more appealing and less risky. Boost its attractiveness to potential supporters.
Take advantage of SMA and Huawei API integration for instant solar production monitoring. Stay updated with real-time data to make informed choices.
Get carbon certification through the respected RED Standard, confirming your dedication to sustainable practices and responsible energy use.
Connect with a global audience that's passionate about positive contributions and meaningful change. Expand your influence and engage with a community that shares your vision. 
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Where to begin

Projects can begin the analysis phase on the platform as soon as they have completed their feasibility study. To list your project please contact one of our franchised partners on the platform to guide you through the process or purchase a RED Franchise.
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