20231 RED Project Update January – weeks 1-5

The month of January has been a whole month of development inside the platform. The team is working on various projects to grow the platform’s reach toward new products and users, and bring new sustainability solutions.

The focus in development, besides delivering novel solutions and easing existing problems by applying blockchain solutions, is to increase MWAT utility and sustainability.

The latest version of the RED apps for iOS and Android was published this week in the stores. You can now access full functionalities on both desktop and mobile apps.

We are working on delivering between the end of February and the beginning of March a fully functional product on REO-G issuance. This update will also come with full integration with Huawei inverters for renewable energy producers and prosumers. REO-G usage in the platform will positively impact MWAT staking needs, open new offset opportunities for franchises’ corporate clients and increase interest in the platform’s solutions.

To be implemented March – April

As we have already described in our latest update, two of the most important feature enhancements will be developed this first quarter:

Sustainable Projects Updates

As we are advancing with the integration of new sustainable projects on the platform and offering unique features for them, we are adding new features that will help in tokenized carbon credits issuance management and in preparation for the RED Carbon Standard Registry integration. These features will cover monthly tokenized carbon credits issuance and public presentation of the project’s documentation.

RED Carbon Standard Registry

The sustainable project presentation/registry page design and information will be updated to align with our RED Carbon Standard Registry need, offer transparency, maximize the information offered to users and create a better user experience.

Carbon Credits Issuance as NFTs

Issuing Carbon Credits from RED Carbon Standard will increase traceability by allowing a more transparent process on the blockchain, easier token transactions and creating an overall unique experience for project developers and offset clients.

New RED Exchange

The new exchange will also be available in the first quarter of 2023, bringing not only new trading pairs but will also open new development possibilities for future products, blockchain upgrades and integration with payments.

Payments with crypto on fiat purchases

The new exchange implementation and integration with a new payment solution supplier will allow RED Platform to be among the first to encourage sustainability in the crypto space. Through this option, we open new possibilities for franchisees, collaborations and the applicability of sustainable solutions in blockchain-based systems.

We want that the information in the update to be helpful to you and we will keep you posted with all the news that will follow, so please let us know what you think here

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