RED Platform 2022 Bi-monthly Update – weeks 1-2

The first two weeks of the new year had passed and we came out with the first RED Bi-monthly Update of 2022. Even if the output was invisible to you, all our engines were working hard and at full capacity.

Our main goal is to finalize the External Sustainable Projects Integration with the RED Platform.

Below are the reasons why is this so important in this stage:

  • Liquidity – as we all know, if a market is lacking in demand or offers, it cannot work properly. Bringing external projects that already have all the calculations, audits, etc. would inject in our Platform the offer side, needed for deserving our clients for Offsetting their Carbon Footprint.
  • Time – audit-ready projects mean instant representation in Carbon Offsetting Tokens on RED Platform. We are rushing the process of having more Liquidity in a certain period. This means we could bring Customers quicker than our previous plans.
  • Incomes – any new project onboarded will have to pay fees for any Carbon Certificate sold through the RED Platform. Their role will be for maintenance or for marketing to grow the ecosystem
  • MWAT Demand– any actor on the RED Platform, buyer or seller, would have the advantage of much lower fees by staking MWAT.
  • Awareness – external projects will come with joint public exposures, for us and for them. When we will have Internationally recognized projects on our board, together with our infrastructure (transparent and cheaper ways to sell and buy Carbon Offsetting Tokens), we will turn our attention towards media appearances.

Do you know what is the second major step in bringing Liquidity to the Platform?

The answer to this question is to finalize our own process to certify external projects as audited entities entitled to claim GTK, REO-G, or similar tokens. This will allow us to bring a large number of already existing sustainable projects extremely interested in listing their carbon credits, because of the time-consuming, bureaucracy, and expensive costs of other international standards.

At the same time, the Whitepaper V2 is almost completed, some things should be refined and we hope to have the final version very soon. This new version has some new things added, changed or even removed. In general, concepts and business models were simplified for our users. We have to carefully think about the whole ecosystem for a good flow for the next few years. This will also clarify our Franchising Terms of Business in a big measure and will be completely integrated with the new features coming up.

Let’s summarize what we are aiming at in Q1

This is a graphic representation to be easy to follow:

Our next RED Bi-monthly Update will take place on Monday, 31st of January.

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We will also answer twice a month or weekly if more details need updating.