REd Year in review 2021

2021 Year in Review for RED Platform

Looking back

2021 Year in Review for RED Platform. After a difficult 2020 for all of us, with the pandemic and Kucoin hack, our hard work to reveal our promised RED Platform, 2021 started in good terms announcing the first Partnership with an important Investment Fund from the US – Interlink Capital. This collaboration will bring 500 million USD investments in building solar panels all across the Balkans area.

Also, 2021 continued to be a hard period for us and the energy industry as a whole, with implications in many other domains like shipping, semiconductors, car industry, agriculture, and even crypto mining.

As you know or some of you may not, we are acting also as a real-world business company, and challenges were tough. Energy and gas prices skyrocketed throughout Europe and we were forced to make some tough business actions. We decided to quit the gas delivery part to minimize the losses and we are concentrating now only on electricity, renewable investments, and blockchain.

Regarding this, we tried to keep you weekly updated before launching the Platform and we will resume this habit starting with next year, mostly because there will be many, many things to reveal to you. The New Year comes with very exciting perspectives and unique business opportunities.

Main events in 2021 for RED Platform


  • First Partnership with an important Investment Fund from the US – Interlink Capital.


  • First Green Bonds offered on Bucharest Stock Exchange, oversubscribed in 4 days.


  • First solar park investment (45 MW) – Salaj, Romania.


  • The launch of RED Platform.


  • Carbon Expert partnership, to overview and validate new projects that come to the Platform.
  • The selling of all our listed carbon credits (60 tons) from two projects with international carbon standards.


  • Launch of the first sustainable STO in Switzerland.
  • The already known event of Kucoin delisting MWAT.

In terms of media and communication visibility:

  • We created 2 new Telegram groups
  • Added 2 admins to better serve the community
  • Monthly articles on Medium
  • Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn constant communication

Some conclusions

We know it was hard for all of you to see the unlisting event, feeling that you were being blocked and did not have alternatives.

This was painful for us, too. For instance, we had to move fast, make changes, adapt our exchange for the new market conditions, and make sure we were legally compliant in full for our users to be able to use our platform in the best conditions.

As a team, we have gathered and thought of the best ways to tackle this new situation that came in at an unexpected time and that affected not only our users, but also our platform and future developments that were ready for the launch.

After that, we have managed to overcome this challenge and have adapted our strategy to a new and brighter 2022. In addition, we have learned a valuable lesson, our future listings and market-making decisions will be strongly linked to the business development of our platform and will come in balance with our growth.

This is the reason we have tried to finalize our working projects as soon as possible and we are confident that we could change this in the next few months.

Let’s have a look at what we are aiming for

RED has ambitious plans, developments, and projects on the table. Our goal is to continue developing as the first end-to-end Blockchain Operating System for Sustainability on the market. This concept is unique and we aim at becoming the best through developments that will greatly help sustainable projects, project developers, companies, entrepreneurs who desire to launch their own sustainability company through the RED Franchise. A place where you can find specialists to calculate, provide consultancy, and offset solutions, along with endless opportunities to transform your business into a sustainable one! We can only say the growing provisions are immense!

Let’s see an abstract of what is coming. On this occasion, we will also share a part of the information that will be available in the whitepaper that is coming up next month.


Carbon Emission Calculation and Offset Solutions – companies will be able to calculate and offset their carbon footprint through our RED Franchises.

Sustainable Projects on the RED Platform: sustainable projects can be added on the RED Platform to sell their carbon credits or to develop their projects.

ESG Tokens Launchpad – users and project developers can launch their sustainable tokens on the RED Platform.

RED Franchises – RED Platform’s sales force in every country is carried out by a decentralized franchise model.

RED SaaS: RED Platform Software can be adapted and used by any governmental organization or company anywhere through the special SaaS service delivered by our software engineer team.

Renewable Energy Solutions: renewable energy producers receive REO-G tokens based on their energy production and will also be able to sell the energy directly to consumers through PPA contracts.


According to what we said before and our current status, these ideas came out and will guide our strategy for the next period:

  • We deliver first, then we announce: this way, we avoid frustrations caused by delays.
  • Business is the number 1 priority: we create a sustainable demand for tokens and usage of our platform.
  • No more dependencies on a single exchange or even a single blockchain.
  • Customer-oriented products: we try to listen to our platform users’ voices.
  • More media and community exposure: regular updates, AMA sessions, media articles.
  • Increasing partnership agreements for mutual benefits.
  • Clearer business approach, easy to follow for anybody interested, as well as how-to, content, and educational content.

What we are working on now

January 2022

  • External Sustainability Projects to be integrated – this will bring us the Liquidity needed on GTK tokens to attract companies for offsetting their carbon footprint;
  • Whitepaper V2 is in the works this month.

February 2022

  • Implementation of Carbon Footprint Calculator for companies;
  • Finalizing Franchising Terms of Business – we will have then the climate for onboarding our sales force for the Platform.

February – March 2022

  • We are making preparations for the USA and Canada to be open for our activity, to enable Interlink Capital Fund’s connections.

March 2022

  • Spain and Great Britain should follow for the sustainability activity through franchises;
  • Exchange listing process to begin – we are considering more than one option and a Stable Coin pair;
  • Marketing campaigns and ATL & BTL activations.

April 2022

  • New energy producers embarked that requires more MWAT for operations;
  • Considering expanding our token MWAT on new protocols, like Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Fantom, etc.

As we have listened to our community until now, we have gathered some questions and provided answers for them here. Please check the document for more information.

Thank you again for your support, wishing you the best in this upcoming 2022.

Armand and the RED Team