From Trader to Country Franchise Owner

From Trader to RED Country Franchise Owner

Let’s explore together one of RED’s most classic and revised functionality that has now taken a brand new and optimized form. 

The RED Country Franchise envelops the regulations of the old franchises, adds new benefits, and is now at every trader’s disposal for the price of 100,000 MWAT. If you are a trader and wish to read more about the benefits of purchasing your first franchise on RED, this article is for you.

What we give back to nature

By joining RED, taking real action in the sustainability domain has never been easier. We envision all of the sustainability and renewable energy’s biggest players, from consumers to renewable energy producers and sustainable project developers condensed into one platform. Based on the scientific findings of the detrimental effects of greenhouse gases, pollution causes must be addressed by like-minded, visionary people as soon and efficiently as possible. Going forward, ideas for sustainable goals, including ways to reduce the negative statistics of carbon emissions, can be transformed into projects and listed on RED. Compiling internationally recognized sustainability standards and our original one, soon to be revealed, available only on-platform, project developers will be authorized to receive carbon credits. As for the trade, it has gone digital, via our Zalmoxis Blockchain, and is as efficient as any in-person business deal. 

The math behind the acquisition process

One Country franchise sells for the price of 100,000 MWAT and 50% of the sum will convert into a unique ERC-721 V-LEC token. The Platform will deliver it to your account. The other 50% will be staked into your wallet for 12 months. In exchange, you have free reign to bring your customers to the RED Platform. Moreover, you establish your services and the fees you charge for them while investing time and effort as you see fit.

Ownership of a Country Franchise 

Once you register your RED business, keep in mind that you will unlock many opportunities. They are designed to support you in developing your new franchise and attracting the customers you seek. 

These are the top 7 directions in which you can take your business:

  1. Become a counselor on sustainable matters – offer up-to-date information and advice to companies or individuals looking for sustainable solutions. Promote the importance of a neutral carbon footprint and sell CO2 offset capacities. To you goes the responsibility for those who want to obtain sustainability certificates. Your job will be to prepare them for your client. Charge a fee and see to their recording on our Zamolxis Blockchain.
  2. Become a negotiator – negotiate the price you wish to receive for the sustainability certificates you issue in the name of your clients.
  3. Be your own marketing specialist – bring energy consumers, producers, or sustainable project developers onto the RED Platform.
  4. Receive commissions – all your commissions will be listed in an Earnings section where you can easily manage them based on their origin.
  5. From franchisee to sustainable project coordinator – develop your own Blockchain-based sustainable projects. Assist other project developers in obtaining carbon certificates by adding their projects to your Franchise’s page.
  6. Be an intermediary/ the middle-man – As soon as a project is implemented, you have exclusive access, as a franchise, to the Corporate carbon footprint calculator. Hence, you will have the liberty to intermediate calculations between companies and our Sustainability Expert that will validate the project.
  7. Become a RED Validator – prepare validation schemes for your clients and review token claims in exchange for a fee.

Change through sustainability projects

The responsibilities of a Country Franchise go further with the implementation of sustainable projects. Companies will take interest in a project based on the Sustainable Development Goals that they want to financially invest in. The United Nation’s plans for 2030 have been promoted on a large scale lately. More entrepreneurs find themselves ready to follow a cause and contribute to the development of society.

Here is a listing of the type of projects you can start on RED:

    • Projects with international carbon standards. Do you already coordinate or own a sustainable project verified with international standards? You can easily select this option in the application form.
    • Projects without international certification. Benefit from carbon issuance with the RED Standard. You can acquire it for any international project that lists on the platform and does not yet have a certification. 

For each token that is sold on the platform coming from sustainable projects, the franchisee will earn up to 25% of that fee. Therefore, project developers will also benefit from the assistance of a Sustainability Expert who will do calculations in their stead.

As a franchisee, you might want to pass our customized test to obtain the role of Validator in the country you registered in. Verify users’ claims of GTK and REO-G tokens and this way you will earn more with commissions paid in MWAT. We set the minimum commission at 1 MWAT. The maximum you can get is equal to the number of staked MWAT from your RED wallet.

One customizable RED Country Franchise 

  • Choose a theme for your public page listed on RED
  • Customize your products and services
  • Edit your Franchise Details at anytime
  • Create franchise offers based on supplier’s offers
  • Generate Sustainability certificates 
  • Share your news and updates about your franchise on social media

Rounding up, it is now the time to explore these functionalities for yourself. The RED Country Franchise is an ultimate support mechanism to facilitate efficient sustainable practices. RED Platform combines the latest Blockchain technology with innovations in the sector of renewable energy and sustainability. To that, we added the implementation of projects and the role of franchises. 

Access it today and bring your ideas into the RED community: RED Franchise – RED (