New Franchises Joining RED Platform

New Franchises Joining RED Platform

Meet the RED Franchises

This week a new franchisee joined our RED Franchises Group, Co2Frei from Germany. We welcome it into the RED family and we applaud all the present franchisees for their initiative and also encourage others to take the step and reach the top with RED!

We enjoy seeing that the RED Franchise business becomes more and more popular and that individuals and companies interested in sustainability, renewable energy, and blockchain solutions discover our platform and choose to become RED sustainability entrepreneurs.

Every franchisee will have the possibility to design its model of running this business, creating strategies, negotiating with its customers, and building projects which will make them grow and become representative for their target and become role models for others.

Everyone will have access to the same tools and features of the RED Platform and can focus on the diversified activities with their franchise and make a profit: calculating the CO2 footprint of their customers and selling offset solutions, selling green energy to the final users, onboarding producers of renewable energy, validating GTK and REO-G claims, listing sustainability projects, creating sustainability schemes and customized NFT tokens (feature in development).

RED Franchises

Our franchisees’ experience so far

CO2Frei from Germany, owned by Robert Hreczuch, is new on the list of RED Franchises but is already prepared to start working and make a difference. Their focus is on green energy, onboarding renewable energy producers (solar, biogas, wind energy), and sustainable projects on the platform, as well as on offset solutions performed through our blockchain Zalmoxis, for their potential customers.

Polaris Network, our Spanish franchise is owned by Jorge Marcos Madrid, who shared with us that the structure of his franchise is consolidated, and that is working hard in searching for new clients and making presentations for promoting products and services. Their target is represented by private companies,  government agencies, and NGOs.

They have brought new members to their team: 3 new employees (2 to the sales department and 1 to the legal and administrative department). Jorge also told us that one of the members of our community, Mario Zanko is part of their team, and he is working on the tech side.

They shared with us their various ongoing and future projects and their partnerships made in Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, and Argentina. They had meetings with companies, presented their franchise business, and offered them carbon footprint calculations for free if they choose their proposal of offsetting.

They revealed that they had discussions with many green companies, government agencies, and investors about the awesome project #NF3. The ecosystem of this project is complete and when our NFT tokenizer will be implemented on the platform, then the franchise can launch this project on the RED Platform.

Jorge Marcos Madrid gave us hints about NF3 projects and commented on the RED Standard:

 ”We have bought a complete system of 3D scanning technology and the software using AI analysis, allows us to give exact proof of life of a single tree and can measure the exact variation of biomass between 2 different scans. Now we are the first company that can issue carbon credits with the real carbon capture of a forest. The distrust of companies and the regulatory agencies will be solved, and the RED Standard will become the most reliable one for forestry carbon capture projects. We invested 100.000 euros in the equipment.”

They are building strategies and working hard in developing their projects in the sustainability area and expanding their business.

The Romanian Franchise on the RED Platform

Noi Facem is a franchise from Romania, owned by Ovidiu Chise. He is interested in the sustainability business and CO2 offset and is working on finding different sustainable projects which he will be able to list on the RED Platform.

He tried our new tool on the platform, the corporate carbon footprint calculator, and had already done some calculations for his clients and offered them reports of their emissions.

Ovidiu has agreed to share his experience with us and all of you, the RED community! Below you can read his insight on RED Franchise:

“A RED Franchise is something that could change how we, individuals and companies, could bring our contribution to climate and be rewarded for that. Acquiring a Franchise is supposed to have a trader account on RED Platform, some KYC paperwork, and a few minutes to fill the data needed. The process has improved since my first attempt and I could complete the registration without too much trouble. The flow is quite simple and logical, some papers could be more simplified, but overall I am satisfied. The main plus is the human support which is fast and helpful, so any issue is solved fast enough. Also, after a nice training with RED Staff, I was able to do the Carbon Footprint Calculations in a smooth and fast process. I am satisfied with how the flow is rolling until now and I can’t wait for the new features in development now.”

Instead of a conclusion to this writing, we would like to thank you all for your involvement and contribution and we hope that your positive experience and your actions will encourage others to follow your steps.

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