The RED apps are now on the Store for Android and iOS

As you may have already noticed from the title of this article, we have released the RED apps on the Store, both for those who own Android operating systems and for those who have iOS. Through this action, we want all users to have the most pleasant and easy experience using the services of our platform. 

Thus, you will be able to access the functionalities of the RED Platform directly from your phone or tablet, from any location by installing one of these free applications. 

The functionalities of the RED apps are similar to the web version

You don’t have to worry about using these apps because they are very similar to the web version. There may be small differences, but this will not hinder you in any way in using the applications, especially since you have our support and you can contact us whenever you feel the need.

Thus, the applications include the main menus also found on the website, such as: “Carbon footprint”, “Trader”, “My business”, “Producer”, “Franchises Marketplace”, etc.

You can pass the KYC process, become a trader and trade on the exchange, or open a franchise and provide sustainability services to companies, earning a passive income. You can also claim GTK or REO-G tokens upon production or even the consumption of green energy. These tokens can be later used in the generation of Sustainability Certificates.

Moreover, the project developers can start by bringing sustainable projects to the platform to certify them with the new RED Carbon Standard that has just been launched.

Here are some images within the applications to better understand what we have already exposed:

Log in & Carbon Emissions

 My business & Franchises marketplace

That being said, you can enjoy the functionalities of the RED Platform as before, but in a much easier way and within everyone’s reach. 

The main solution for the issue of CO2 footprint reduction is taking action. There are many steps to take and a great deal of progress to be made in every area. 

It is a great opportunity and we do not want you to miss it, so meet with us on the RED Platform. Download the app and create your account:

Chat with us on our Discord channel: