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2022 RED Project Update September – weeks 35-39

Welcome to the update of the RED Project for the month of September. What you should know about the project is that we are working in parallel in several streams that will allow the publication of various features and projects simultaneously on the app. Many of the updates might not be directly visible on the platform at this point. Still, as we release more information you will discover the utilities, benefits, and upgrades that are available.


RED Standard

The launch of the RED Standard took place on the 11th of August. The public consultation was successfully closed on September 15th.

The biggest highlight for this month was the RED Standard Official Launch at the Business Review Sustainability Event on September 29th.

Even at such a short time after the launch, an increasing number of projects are showing interest in being certified with the RED Carbon Standard.

The first RED Carbon Standard certified project will be launched this month.

Sustainable Project Addition Flow

We continue working on the sustainable project addition flow, which now comprehends new and editable features.

Franchise Upgrades

Concerning the franchise benefits on the RED Platform, more commissions have been put into place so that franchisees can benefit from the addition of new sustainable projects on the RED Platform.

Mobile Apps Upgrade

According to the abovementioned updates, the mobile apps have also been updated to reflect the latest developments.

In development, pending being released

Public sustainability project marketplace

The sustainability marketplace where RED Platform users purchase carbon certificates will also be available without the necessity of logging in, as well as the sustainable projects pages where information about each project is published.

Purchasing carbon certificates and offsetting without a RED Platform account

Purchasing carbon credits will be available directly from the website for all users through credit card payment. Opening this option to every user that visits our webpage increases not only projects’ visibility, but also eases the carbon footprint offset for the users.

RED Solar Project and RED Solar marketplace

As we shared with you in the latest update, a new project will be launched at the end of this month on our platform. This project will stimulate the creation of solar parks and will allow end users access to cheaper energy and additional benefits in the form of carbon credits and guarantees of origin.

This project will have a marketplace where users purchase and sell their solar NFTs. A detailed article on this behalf will be published with the launch of the Solar NFT project.

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The next update will be on Monday, the 7th of November.

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