RED Platform November Update

2022 RED Project Update November – weeks 45-48

Another month just ended, during which the team has been working on delivering the latest features for the RED Solar NFT project, along with the new website and the possibility of purchasing a Sustainability Certificate directly from the website. Below, you will find when the RED Solar NFT project will be launched, the new website, and what’s coming next.


RED Solar NFT project and RED Solar NFT marketplace

The Solar NFT project and marketplace feature are ready to be launched next week. The team is doing the final tests so that everything will be in place and the process will run smoothly for our users.

The RED Solar NFT project will be the perfect solution for project developers that want to develop a solar project and desire to raise capital for its construction.

The project will be listed on our platform and sold as tokenized individual powerplants to interested investors. The owners of these NFTs will have different benefits from staking the Solar NFT: GTKs or REO-Gs, energy, or financial benefits, depending on the type of stake they choose to perform.

The first Solar NFT project will be published at the beginning of 2023. The location of the powerplant will be in Romania and it will include the possibility of renewable energy usage through our Restart Energy One supplier.

Below, we share a few snapshots with you so that you can better understand the great impact of the project and its applicability:

RED Platform Solar NFT detail 1
RED Platform Solar NFT detail 1

The NFT dashboard creation for an individual powerplant. Here, the user will have information about energy production, and financial benefits from the sale of the energy, REO-G, or GTK tokens from the purchased installed power.

RED Platform Solar NFT details 2
RED Platform Solar NFT details 2

Information about the project capital raise, funding received and energy produced.

RED Platform Token information
RED Platform Token information

NFT token information is described on the project page.

New Website

Along with the release of the Solar NFT Project, we will be launching a new website, which will offer a better experience to our users, with a simpler structure and a clearer organization of the information.

On the new webpage, users will have easy access to the flow of purchasing sustainability certificates, contacting franchises for sustainability services, and a closer approach to all features on the RED Platform.

A little sneak-peak below!

Franchises update

The RED Carbon Standard Team is preparing a workshop for our franchises, from which they will learn more about listing sustainability projects and RED Standard, the principles that they have to follow to certify the projects. We will keep you informed about this topic along the way.

In development, pending being released

Final 2022 Release

RED Solar NFT Updates

Advancing on the RED NFT Project, there are a series of improvements in development for the soon-to-be-released feature we mentioned before.

Public Individual Carbon Footprint Calculator

Our individual carbon footprint calculator will be available directly on our website for users to calculate and offset their carbon footprint, learn more about their emissions and make a difference for the environment. Until published on the website, you can still access it on the RED Platform.

RED Platform Carbon Footprint Calculator
RED Platform Carbon Footprint Calculator

Invertor integration for renewable energy production points

The integration with invertors APIs will allow energy producers to have access to their production details directly on the RED Platform, which allows for the issuance of REO-G or GTK tokens based on real data without the need to verify documents and process token claims.

These integrations are key for the future developments on the platform related to the Solar NFT projects, sustainable projects and powerplants.

Early 2023 updates

RED Apps

Updates on the RED Apps are in development and will be brought on the live version of the apps at the beginning of 2023 with the latest features and options that will be published on the RED Platform.

New RED Exchange

A new RED Exchange will be brought on the Platform for the users, which will also include the opposite pair with MWAT, as needed for a better trading experience. The new tradable pairs will be:





This change in the RED Platform also eases the integrations with new tokens and stablecoins.

Blockchain-based RED Carbon Standard Registry

The RED Carbon Standard will publish the first blockchain-based carbon Standard Registry on the Market that will allow full traceability of tokens purchased and burnt. Each project will have fully disclosed information about the transactions, that will be available on a user-friendly blockchain explorer.

Carbon Credits issuance as NFTs

The tokens used for issuing carbon credits will become NFTs under a new name, to allow full traceability and adjust more to the requirements of sustainable projects. Existing GTK tokens on the platform will still be used for different actions that are already developed, like claims, and for future features that will be developed.

Payments with crypto on fiat purchases

Last, but not less importantly, users will be able to purchase carbon credits and other products on the platform through crypto payments even if the prices are listed in FIAT. The payment will be processed through an exchange integration that will allow automatic conversions.

This integration will allow RED Platform to stay closer to blockchain and crypto platforms, companies, and developments, allowing franchises to bring new clients and offer new solutions.

We want that the information in the update to be useful to you and we will keep you posted with all the news that will follow, so please let us know what you think here

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